I got an email that got me all a flutter a few weeks ago. My sweet friend had an idea. An idea that got me so excited. Her husband has always told her that she should have been from the 1940’s. So for his birthday she had the idea to have her portrait taken, stylized to the 1940’s. Wow! Awesome!

Images in the 1940’s were dramatic; beautiful highlights, deep shadows, full lips and long lashes. Sassy, sweet and sexy all rolled into one. I am so thrilled that I was able to be a part of such a fun project. Here are a few of my very favourite photos from our session. The 1940’s embodied…

Fort Saskatchewan portrait photographerNow if you are fortunate enough to know this beautiful girl, you probably know her husband as well. His birthday is not for a few months and this is a covert operation, if ya know what I mean. We know he shouldn’t stumble on this post on his own, so please don’t bring it to his attention!

Thank you, sweetie. What a fun time I had with you!


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