There is nothing more fun for me as a photographer than to photograph the people that I am closest too. I spent an early evening photographing my sister and brother in law’s family back in September, and just going through their session images made me all misty eyed. I heart these kids so much, and they were so much fun to photograph. You saw their newest little one back in July when she was a teeny three week old. Now she is all smiley and growing so fast. It is amazing to see all three of them together, and to see how much they have each changed and grown up. Here are some of my favorites from our session…

_Fall 2010 family_069_-2_Fall 2010 family_002__Fall 2010 family_017-2_Fall 2010 family_080-2_Fall 2010 family_010-2_Fall 2010 family_032-2_Fall 2010 family_044-2Fall 2010 family_077_-_I had so much fun with you guys. Thank you!


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